A Streetcar Named Desire(1951)

A Streetcar Named Desire YIFY Torrent

Title: A Streetcar Named Desire

Release: 01 Dec 1951

Rating: 8

Language: English, Spanish

Runtime: 122

Genre: Drama |

Date Created:2019-04-20 15:42:59

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

Release 01 Dec 1951
Rating 8 10 5506
Language English, Spanish
Country USA
Runtime 122 mins
Genre Drama /
Date Created 2019-04-20 15:42:59


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Blanche DuBois, a high school English teacher with an aristocratic background from Auriol, Mississippi, decides to move to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Stella and Stanley Kowalski, in New Orleans after creditors take over the family property, Belle Reve. Blanche has also decided to take a break from teaching as she states the situation has frayed her nerves. Knowing nothing about Stanley or the Kowalskis' lives, Blanche is shocked to find that they live in a cramped and run down ground floor apartment - which she proceeds to beautify by putting shades over the open light bulbs to soften the lighting - and that Stanley is not the gentleman that she is used to in men. As such, Blanche and Stanley have an antagonistic relationship from the start. Blanche finds that Stanley's hyper-masculinity, which often displays itself in physical outbursts, is common, coarse and vulgar, being common which in turn is what attracted Stella to him. Beyond finding Blanche's delicate ...

Director :
Elia Kazan
Writer :

Tennessee Williams (screen play), Oscar Saul (adaptation), Tennessee Williams (original play "A Streetcar Named Desire")

Actors :
Vivien Leigh| Marlon Brando| Kim Hunter| Karl Malden|
Keywords :