Narcissus and Psyche(1980)

Narcissus and Psyche YIFY Torrent

Title: Narcissus and Psyche

Release: 22 Dec 1980

Rating: 8

Language: Hungarian, English, French, German, Romany, Polish

Runtime: 261

Genre: Drama |

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Narcissus and Psyche (1980)

Release 22 Dec 1980
Rating 8 10 5629
Language Hungarian, English, French, German, Romany, Polish
Country Hungary
Runtime 261 mins
Genre Drama /
Date Created 2019-06-02 21:00:07


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Narcisus and Psyche is based on a novel by Sandor Weores which was adapted by Vilmos Csaplar and director Gabor Body for a feature-length, 140-minute film. Borrowing the character of Psyche from mythology and placing her in Europe in the 19th century, the authors give her a "modern" life. She is an attractive young woman - and remains so throughout the film, in spite of one hardship after another. Psyche is libidinous, and her prurient interests shock her staid contemporaries. For reasons that the viewer is left to ponder, her life is almost a living punishment for her sexual laxity. Her child is taken away and killed, and although she is in love with her tutor, who has syphilis, she marries another man. She is suffering herself from some affliction, which leads to hospital scenes that are acerbic commentaries on 19th c. Western medicine. Psyche is about to leave for America with her husband, when the story takes another abrupt turn.

Director :
Gábor Bódy
Writer :

Gábor Bódy, Vilmos Csaplár, Vera Varga, Sándor Weöres (novel)

Actors :
Patricia Adriani| Udo Kier| György Cserhalmi| Agnes Horvath|
Keywords :