Everything Is Wonderful (2018)

Everything Is Wonderful YIFY Torrent

Title: Everything Is Wonderful

Release: N/A

Rating: 8

Language: English

Runtime: 79

Genre: Comedy | Drama |

Everything Is Wonderful (2018)

Release 2018
Rating 8
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 79 mins
Genre Comedy / Drama /


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Lena becomes increasingly bored with her seemingly perfect life in her beautiful Brooklyn apartment, living a life without financial burdens. Maria is unsatisfied with her stressful job as a waitress and her unfulfilled dreams of being an actress. After Lena discovers her husband cheating, her and Maria start a week of crazy partying. Whenever they are together, they seem happy. Whenever they are apart, their lack of symbiosis fails them. They drink and party, make out with random men, sleep in the same bed and mimic each other's behavior. That seems to help until Maria finally, under the influence of Lena, quits her job and they both flee the city to the Hamptons.The beautiful nature surrounding them contrasts their crass behavior and forlornness. Just when they finally start dealing with their issues, their friendship takes an unsuspected turn.

Director :
Pia Mechler, Stephanie Angel
Writer :

Pia Mechler

Actors :
Alexis Georgoulis| Tonia Sotiropoulou| Hannah Herzsprung| Pia Mechler|
Keywords :