Holiday (1930)

Holiday YIFY Torrent

Title: Holiday

Release: 03 Jul 1930

Rating: 7

Language: English

Runtime: 91

Genre: Comedy | Drama |

Holiday (1930)

Release 03 Jul 1930
Rating 7
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 91 mins
Genre Comedy / Drama /


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After a whirlwind ten day courtship following their meeting while on respective vacations in Lake Placid, socialite Julia Seton and Johnny Case, a happy-go-lucky white collar working stiff with some business acumen, decide to get married immediately. It isn't until Julia needs to tell her Manhattan-based family - widowed father Edward Seton, brother Ned Seton and sister Linda Seton - of their engagement that Johnny learns of Julia's upper crust status. Edward is able to check out Johnny's background before giving his approval, he hoping Johnny is like his own father who was self-made. However, free-spirited Linda sees in Johnny the boost of joie de vivre the Seton family desperately needs. Despite being happy for Julia and her approval of Johnny as a prospective member of the family, Linda laments losing in Julia one of her comrades in arms in the battle against the conservative repression within the Seton family, led by their father, and their cousins Seton and Laura Cram. What ...

Director :
Edward H. Griffith
Writer :

Philip Barry (play), Horace Jackson

Actors :
Ann Harding| Mary Astor| Edward Everett Horton| Robert Ames|
Reviews :

Donchingon profile
Lydcaro 14 December 2003

Another great performance by Mary Astor

Donchingon profile
kidboots 6 August 2010

The Radiant Beauty of Ann Harding

Donchingon profile
AlsExGal 3 January 2015

Probably could not be made the year before or the year after...

Donchingon profile
MartinHafer 17 March 2015

The 1938 version is better...but this one is still pretty good.

Donchingon profile
marcslope 1 April 2014

Quite like the '38, but...

Donchingon profile
mark.waltz 11 December 2019

In trying to be anti-classist, this society dame doesn't realize how classist she's being.

Donchingon profile
HotToastyRag 11 March 2019

Exactly like the remake

Donchingon profile
AAdaSC 4 January 2019

Need a holiday after watching this

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