I Don't Want to Be a Man(1918)

I Don't Want to Be a Man YIFY Torrent

Title: I Don't Want to Be a Man

Release: 18 Nov 1918

Rating: 7

Language: German

Runtime: 45

Genre: Comedy | Romance |

Date Created:2020-05-02 06:00:14

I Don't Want to Be a Man (1918)

Release 18 Nov 1918
Rating 7 10 5227
Language German
Country Germany
Runtime 45 mins
Genre Comedy / Romance /
Date Created 2020-05-02 06:00:14


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High-spirited young Ossi Oswalda is the bane of her uncle and governess' existence. She insists on playing poker and smoking and talks with strange men on the street. When her uncle leaves to take up a new job, she looks forward to enjoying new freedom. Her hopes are dashed when her new guardian Dr. Kersten proves to be strict and unyielding. Frustrated with her cloistered life, Ossi sneaks out on the town dressed as a young man. She finds that being a man has its own disadvantages when she discovers she is not given the same gentle treatment when she is masquerading as a male.

Director :
Ernst Lubitsch
Writer :

Hanns Kräly, Ernst Lubitsch

Actors :
Ossi Oswalda| Curt Goetz| Ferry Sikla| Margarete Kupfer|
Keywords :