Laws of Gravity

Laws of Gravity YIFY Torrent

Release: 20 Aug 1993

Rating: 7

Language: English

Country: USA

Runtime: 100

Genre: Crime | Drama |

Laws of Gravity

Release 20 Aug 1993
Rating 7
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 100 mins
Genre Crime / Drama /


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Jimmy and Jon are a couple of Brooklyn guys who somehow never found their way into workaday society; they never found their way into big-time crime, either. But that all changes when their old friend Frankie returns from Florida with some guns to sell. In the course of a few very short urban summer days, their lives spin permanently out of control.

Director :
Nick Gomez
Writer :

Nick Gomez

Actors :
Peter Greene| Edie Falco| Adam Trese| Arabella Field|
Keywords :