Mister T.(2019)

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Title: Mister T.

Release: 25 Dec 2019

Rating: 6

Language: Polish

Runtime: 0

Genre: Comedy | Drama |

Date Created:2020-05-31 15:33:41

Mister T. (2019)

Release 25 Dec 2019
Rating 6 10 6877
Language Polish
Country Poland
Runtime 0 mins
Genre Comedy / Drama /
Date Created 2020-05-31 15:33:41


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Anything is possible in Warsaw rising from the war rubble in 1953. The omnipresent uncertainty, denunciations, and the sense of constant surveillance are tamed with the help of vodka and good company. A renowned writer, Mister T. lives in a hotel for authors and makes a living by giving extra lessons. One day, a young countryside man moves into the next-door flat with big dreams of working as a journalist. Mister T. becomes his mentor and teacher. The pace of the protagonist's life quickens once the authorities begin to suspect him of an evil wish to blow up the Palace of Culture and Science, and Secret Police agents start to watch every move he makes. It is hard to stay serious in this ridiculous reality.

Director :
Marcin Krzysztalowicz
Writer :

Andrzej Golda, Marcin Krzysztalowicz

Actors :
Pawel Wilczak| Sebastian Stankiewicz| Maria Sobocinska| Jerzy Bonczak|
Keywords :