Samaritan Zatoichi(1968)

Samaritan Zatoichi YIFY Torrent

Title: Samaritan Zatoichi

Release: 28 Dec 1968

Rating: 7

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 84

Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama |

Date Created:2020-07-04 09:01:01

Samaritan Zatoichi (1968)

Release 28 Dec 1968
Rating 7 10 3969
Language Japanese
Country Japan
Runtime 84 mins
Genre Action / Adventure / Drama /
Date Created 2020-07-04 09:01:01


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Zatoichi is forced to kill a young man who owes a debt to a yakuza boss. Moments later, his sister Osode arrives with the money she earned (prostituting herself) to pay his debts. The bosses true motives are revealed and he attempts to steal Osode even though the debt is paid. Zatoichi realizes his grievous error and protects the girl from the gang. Osode and Zatoichi are caught in a dilemma as she must rely on her brother's killer for protection and Zatoichi wrestles with the injustice he has caused.

Director :
Kenji Misumi
Writer :

Kiyokata Saruwaka, Kan Shimozawa (story), Hisashi Sugiura, Tetsurô Yoshida

Actors :
Shintarô Katsu| Yoshiko Mita| Makoto Satô| Kô Nishimura|
Keywords :