An Eastern Westerner

An Eastern Westerner YIFY Torrent

Release: 02 May 1920

Rating: 7

Language: None, English

Country: USA

Runtime: 23

Genre: Comedy | Family | Western |

An Eastern Westerner

Release 02 May 1920
Rating 7
Language None, English
Country USA
Runtime 23 mins
Genre Comedy / Family / Western /


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A young New Yorker is the bane of his Christian parent's existence because of his constant carousing and partying at all hours. As such, his father decides to send the young man to live at ranch of his uncle in Piute Pass in the wild west to get him away from the New York temptations that lead to this unwanted behavior. Before he even gets to the ranch, the young man gets into one misadventure after another using his New York sensibilities in Piute Pass. His primary misadventure involves a sweet young ingénue, the two who fall for each other at first sight. Her father is being held captive by "Tiger Lip" Tompkins, who owns half the county and bullies the rest with his band called the Masked Angels. The ransom is her womanly favors to him. The young man tries to help free the father so that the young man and the ingénue can live happily ever after together, which does not sit well with Tiger Lip and the Masked Angels.

Director :
Hal Roach
Writer :

Frank Terry (story), H.M. Walker (titles)

Actors :
Harold Lloyd| Mildred Davis| Noah Young|
Keywords :