The Brand New Testament(2015)

The Brand New Testament YIFY Torrent

Title: The Brand New Testament

Release: 01 Sep 2015

Rating: 7

Language: French, German

Runtime: 114

Genre: Comedy | Fantasy |

Date Created:2020-10-14 06:01:25

The Brand New Testament (2015)

Release 01 Sep 2015
Rating 7 10 1632
Language French, German
Country Belgium, France, Luxembourg
Runtime 114 mins
Genre Comedy / Fantasy /
Date Created 2020-10-14 06:01:25


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God lives in human form as a cynical writer with his young opinionated daughter in present-day Brussels, Belgium. She concludes that her dad is doing a terrible job and decides to rewrite the world, descending to earth in search of her own 6 messengers to write a brand new testament and change the status quo.

Director :
Jaco Van Dormael
Writer :

Thomas Gunzig, Jaco Van Dormael

Actors :
Pili Groyne| Benoît Poelvoorde| Catherine Deneuve| François Damiens|
Keywords :