Couple in a Hole(2015)

Couple in a Hole YIFY Torrent

Title: Couple in a Hole

Release: 06 Apr 2016

Rating: 6

Language: English, French

Runtime: 105

Genre: Drama | Thriller |

Date Created:2020-12-25 03:00:53

Couple in a Hole (2015)

Release 06 Apr 2016
Rating 6 10 6584
Language English, French
Country UK, Belgium, France
Runtime 105 mins
Genre Drama / Thriller /
Date Created 2020-12-25 03:00:53


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A middle-aged couple from Scotland finds refuge in a man-made cave deep in the wilderness of the lush and undisturbed French woodlands. As a result, renouncing every ounce of her human nature and deeply traumatised after the loss of her only son, the mother encloses herself in this dark and dank cavity in the hope of escaping the frightful hole of depression. However, matters will rapidly deteriorate, as she becomes more and more unwilling, or, better yet, unable just to be on her feet, reducing herself to a human-like feral animal. But, in the end, defeated and utterly hopeless, the anguished father will make his last stand, as he tries to salvage the remains of their shattered life; nevertheless, is there any hope left?

Director :
Tom Geens
Writer :

Tom Geens

Actors :
Paul Higgins| Kate Dickie| Jérôme Kircher| Corinne Masiero|
Keywords :