Human Energy(2018)

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Title: Human Energy

Release: N/A

Rating: 9

Language: English

Runtime: 55

Genre: Documentary |

Date Created:2020-12-29 15:02:07

Human Energy (2018)

Release 2018
Rating 5 10 4891
Language English
Country Poland, UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
Runtime 55 mins
Genre Documentary /
Date Created 2020-12-29 15:02:07


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The first story about Renewable Energy Source Cooperative movement in 12 countries in Europe. Among us, there are people who are fighting with big corporations in a different way. Moving in the energy business, they're trying to stop climate change and take care of local interests.

Director :
Adam Dzienis
Writer :

Adam Dzienis

Actors :
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