Carré blanc(2011)

Carré blanc YIFY Torrent

Title: Carré blanc

Release: 07 Sep 2011

Rating: 6

Language: French

Runtime: 0

Genre: Drama |

Date Created:2021-01-01 00:00:53

Carré blanc (2011)

Release 07 Sep 2011
Rating 6 10 5396
Language French
Country France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium
Runtime 0 mins
Genre Drama /
Date Created 2021-01-01 00:00:53


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Philippe lives in a world controlled by a caste system. Those who play the "game" correctly become higher and more powerful. Phillipe plays the game well but his wife wants him to return to reality. Its a love story after marriage.

Director :
Jean-Baptiste Léonetti
Writer :

Jean-Baptiste Léonetti

Actors :
Sami Bouajila| Julie Gayet| Jean-Pierre Andréani| Carlos Leal|
Keywords :