Back to Back, Face to Face(1994)

Back to Back, Face to Face YIFY Torrent

Title: Back to Back, Face to Face

Release: 01 Oct 1994

Rating: 8

Language: N/A

Runtime: 148

Genre: Drama |

Date Created:2021-01-12 15:01:22

Back to Back, Face to Face (1994)

Release 01 Oct 1994
Rating 8 10 9886
Language N/A
Country China, Hong Kong
Runtime 148 mins
Genre Drama /
Date Created 2021-01-12 15:01:22


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Wang Shuangli is Deputy Director of the local Cultural Centre, and hopes to be appointed Director. However Old Ma is brought in from the country and installed as Director. This starts a long train of events with Wang's cronies using the bureaucracy to try to oust the new director. At home, Wang has problems because his father wants Wang to have a son to carry on the family name. However, because of the one-child policy, Wang cannot have any more children unless his young daughter is certified infirm.

Director :
Jianxin Huang, Yazhou Yang
Writer :

Xinglong Liu (novel), Jianxin Huang (screenplay), Yi'an Sun (screenplay)

Actors :
Zhenhua Niu| Kesheng Lei| Qiang Li| Hao Ju|
Keywords :