Square of Violence (1961)

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Title: Square of Violence

Release: 26 Jul 1961

Rating: 8

Language: English

Runtime: 96

Genre: Drama | War |

Square of Violence (1961)

Release 26 Jul 1961
Rating 8
Language English
Country Yugoslavia, USA
Runtime 96 mins
Genre Drama / War /


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Set in Italy, the story takes place in this very country, during WW2, where German occupation army ruled everything, just before the allied forces came, in 1944. Crawford plays here a doctor whose son has been shot by the Germans. Of course he has no more taste in life. He continues his work as a German officers' physician. One day, he throws a bomb just in the middle of German troops. Many soldiers and officers are killed. Some time later, the lead officer of the Nazis troops suspects the doctor to be the responsible of the explosion. He lets him know that he himself knows.

Director :
Leonardo Bercovici
Writer :

Eric Bercovici, Leonardo Bercovici

Actors :
Broderick Crawford| Valentina Cortese| Branko Plesa| Bibi Andersson|
Keywords :