The Brain That Changes Itself (2008)

The Brain That Changes Itself YIFY Torrent

Title: The Brain That Changes Itself

Release: 15 Nov 2009

Rating: 8

Language: English

Runtime: 70

Genre: Documentary |

The Brain That Changes Itself (2008)

Release 15 Nov 2009
Rating 8
Language English
Country Canada, France
Runtime 70 mins
Genre Documentary /


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The revolutionary science of "neuroplasticity" - a concept that expands not just our knowledge of how our brains work, but how we use them. For centuries the human brain has been thought of as incapable of fundamental change. People suffering from neurological defects, brain damage or strokes were usually written-off as hopeless cases. But recent and continuing research into the human brain is radically changing how we look at the potential for neurological recovery. The human brain, as we are now quickly learning, has a remarkable ability to change itself - in fact, even to rewire itself. The Brain that Changes Itself is directed by Mike Sheerin and is co-

Director :
Mike Sheerin
Writer :

Norman Doidge, Mike Sheerin

Actors :
Norman Doidge|
Keywords :