Late Chrysanthemums (1954)

Late Chrysanthemums YIFY Torrent

Title: Late Chrysanthemums

Release: 27 Nov 1985

Rating: 7

Language: Japanese

Runtime: 101

Genre: Drama |

Late Chrysanthemums (1954)

Release 27 Nov 1985
Rating 7
Language Japanese
Country Japan
Runtime 101 mins
Genre Drama /


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What is the life of a Geisha like once her beauty has faded and she has retired? Kin has saved her money, and has become a wealthy money-lender, spending her days cold-heartedly collecting debts. Even her best friends, Tomi, Nobu, and Tamae, who were her fellow Geisha, are now indebted to her. For all of them, the glamor of their young lives has passed; Tomi and Tamae have children, but their children have disappointed them. Kin has two former lovers who still pursue her; one she wants to see, and the other she doesn't. But even the one she remembers fondly, when he shows up, proves to be a disappointment.

Director :
Mikio Naruse
Writer :

Fumiko Hayashi (stories), Sumie Tanaka (adaptation), Toshirô Ide (adaptation)

Actors :
Haruko Sugimura| Sadako Sawamura| Chikako Hosokawa| Yûko Mochizuki|
Keywords :