Henry V(1944)

Henry V YIFY Torrent

Title: Henry V

Release: 28 Oct 1945

Rating: 7

Language: English, French

Runtime: 137

Genre: Biography | Drama | History | War |

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Henry V (1944)

Release 28 Oct 1945
Rating 7 10 8563
Language English, French
Country UK
Runtime 137 mins
Genre Biography / Drama / History / War /
Date Created 2021-02-15 09:01:10


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In the inspired Olivier concept, Shakespeare's play begins as a performance in the Globe Theatre, shifting in broad cinematic terms to an epic narrative of Henry V, who had developed from a dissolute youth to a purposeful monarch. Proving his ability as a soldier and skillful leader, he unites the dissident factions in the English army and goes on to crush the French, against enormous odds, at Agincourt. Arranging a treaty with the French court, he woos Princess Katharine to whom he is formally betrothed as part of the peace agreement.

Director :
Laurence Olivier
Writer :

William Shakespeare (by)

Actors :
Leslie Banks| Felix Aylmer| Robert Helpmann| Vernon Greeves|
Keywords :