White Terror(2020)

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Title: White Terror

Release: 01 Aug 2020

Rating: 6

Language: English

Runtime: 80

Genre: Drama | Horror | Mystery | Thriller |

Date Created:2021-04-05 09:00:51

White Terror (2020)

Release 01 Aug 2020
Rating 6 10 8094
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 80 mins
Genre Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller /
Date Created 2021-04-05 09:00:51


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White Terror is an intense, confusing and dramatic film with a female POV which keeps twisting and turning the audience's mind on what is happening. Every baffling turn of events will come together at the end for a bright and clear picture, which attempts to leave the audience to wonder why they didn't catch on from the start. This is a film that you have to watch twice. With a twist of horror added, this film is bounded not only to scare the audience but also to leave an emotional mark as it explores a very-concerned philosophical topic - life and death, as well as a widely debated topic - life support vs. mercy killing. The writing style is inspired by the show Black Mirror.

Director :
Lok Kwan Woo
Writer :

Katrina Schmidt

Actors :
Katrina Schmidt| Bobby Slaski| Dalit Berkowitz| Patrick J. Andersen|
Keywords :