Ator, the Fighting Eagle(1982)

Ator, the Fighting Eagle YIFY Torrent

Title: Ator, the Fighting Eagle

Release: 11 Mar 1983

Rating: 3

Language: Italian

Runtime: 92

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy |

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Ator, the Fighting Eagle (1982)

Release 11 Mar 1983
Rating 3 10 6554
Language Italian
Country Italy
Runtime 92 mins
Genre Action / Adventure / Fantasy /
Date Created 2021-04-06 09:00:52


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The son of Torren learns of his heritage, goes to avenge the deaths of his fellow villagers, and rescue his sister/love interest from the evil Dakkar and his spider cult. Ator battles giant spiders, swordsmen cloaked in shadow, re-animated dead warriors, and horribly hideous witches.

Director :
Joe D'Amato
Writer :

Joe D'Amato

Actors :
Miles O'Keeffe| Sabrina Siani| Ritza Brown| Edmund Purdom|
Keywords :