Ninja III: The Domination(1984)

Ninja III: The Domination YIFY Torrent

Title: Ninja III: The Domination

Release: 14 Sep 1984

Rating: 5

Language: English

Runtime: 92

Genre: Action | Fantasy | Thriller |

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Ninja III: The Domination (1984)

Release 14 Sep 1984
Rating 5 10 9386
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 92 mins
Genre Action / Fantasy / Thriller /
Date Created 2021-04-07 06:00:50


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The body of a sexy aerobics instructor is invaded by the evil spirit of a dying ninja. At first, changes in her behavior is limited to having strange interactions with an arcade game, doing sexy things with V8 juice, and being attracted to an unusually hairy police officer. But soon enough, she's systematically killing, ninja-style, the officers responsible for the ninja's death, and can only be stopped by another ninja!

Director :
Sam Firstenberg
Writer :

James R. Silke

Actors :
Shô Kosugi| Lucinda Dickey| Jordan Bennett| David Chung|
Keywords :