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Title: Heartbeat

Release: 24 Jan 2017

Rating: 4

Language: English

Runtime: 88

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller |

Date Created:2021-05-02 21:00:53

Heartbeat (2017)

Release 24 Jan 2017
Rating 4 10 7226
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 88 mins
Genre Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller /
Date Created 2021-05-02 21:00:53


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Kate Johnson is a single mother and a successful undercover detective. When her daughter, Nina, goes to Punta Dia in Belize to help with the local orphanage, she is kidnapped by the cartel organization "La Muerte Roja". Kate, not trusting the local government, takes it upon herself to travel to Belize to find her missing daughter. While there, Kate meets with Francisco Orizaga, an ex-marine who agrees to help. As Kate investigates into Nina's disappearance, she discovers just how strong La Muerte Roja's influence is in Punta Dia. Her questions are met with silence and looks of fear from the locals, with only a few willing to talk about the rumors of the cartel's organ trafficking business. Now, it's a race against time as Kate struggles to find Nina before Nina might become La Muerte Roja's next victim.

Director :
Steven R. Monroe
Writer :

Sophie Tilson, Shanrah Wakefield

Actors :
Gina Holden| Natasha Calis| Raffaello Degruttola| Matthew Ziff|
Keywords :