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Title: Rentadick

Release: 29 Jun 1972

Rating: 4

Language: English

Runtime: 94

Genre: Comedy | Crime |

Date Created:2021-07-31 12:35:00

Rentadick (1972)

Release 29 Jun 1972
Rating 4 10 6270
Language English
Country UK
Runtime 94 mins
Genre Comedy / Crime /
Date Created 2021-07-31 12:35:00


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Armitage runs a chemical company that is on the verge of producing a gas that causes temporary disability. Clearly the military want it but it is also sought by a group of Japanese. Both Armitage and Madam Greenfly hire different people in the same detective agency to guard the gas and steal it respectively... confusion, double crosses and hilarity ensue... —bob the moo

Director :
Jim Clark
Writer :

Graham Chapman, John Cleese, John Fortune (additional dialogue), John Wells (additional dialogue)

Actors :
James Booth| Richard Briers| Julie Ege| Ronald Fraser|
Keywords :