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Title: Fauci

Release: 10 Sep 2021

Rating: 2

Language: English

Runtime: 104

Genre: Documentary | History |

Date Created:2021-10-09 16:33:31

Fauci (2021)

Release 10 Sep 2021
Rating 2 10 4287
Language English
Country United States
Runtime 104 mins
Genre Documentary / History /
Date Created 2021-10-09 16:33:31


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A portrait of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the public servant, scientist, physician, husband and father whose career spans seven presidents and is bookended by two pandemics: HIV/AIDS, which shaped him, and of course, Covid-19; the latter bringing him countless TV appearances in American homes on an almost daily basis over the course of nearly two years.

Director :
John Hoffman, Janet Tobias
Writer :


Actors :
Bono| George W. Bush| Francis Collins|
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