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Title: Monstrosity

Release: 01 Feb 1988

Rating: 4

Language: English

Runtime: 92

Genre: Comedy | Horror |

Date Created:2021-10-10 08:23:35

Monstrosity (1987)

Release 01 Feb 1988
Rating 4 10 6721
Language English
Country United States
Runtime 92 mins
Genre Comedy / Horror /
Date Created 2021-10-10 08:23:35


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Three L.A. street thugs mug an old man, murder him by cutting his throat, beat up a woman and steal her car, break into another young woman's house and proceed to beat and rape her. She is taken to the hospital and while recovering is brought mug shot books by the police to see if she can identify her attackers, which she does. But the bad guys leader, Cole, disguises himself as a doctor, breaks into the woman's hospital room and murders her. Vowing vengeance, her college student boyfriend, Mark, and his student pals Carlos and Scott, decide to build a 'Golem' from human and animal parts, bring it to life and have it track down the murderers so there is no risk to themselves! But not everything goes to plan when an unexpected, and very unlikely, romance breaks out between the 'Golem' whom they name Frankie, and a simpleton street woman named Jamie whom Frankie saves from the street thugs. —Larry B.

Director :
Andy Milligan
Writer :

Andy Milligan

Actors :
Hal Borske| Carrie Anita| Michael Lunsford|
Keywords :