Ghost Ship(1952)

Ghost Ship YIFY Torrent

Title: Ghost Ship

Release: 08 Jul 1953

Rating: 6

Language: English

Runtime: 74

Genre: Horror |

Date Created:2022-01-16 05:07:22

Ghost Ship (1952)

Release 08 Jul 1953
Rating 6 10 3029
Language English
Country United Kingdom
Runtime 74 mins
Genre Horror /
Date Created 2022-01-16 05:07:22


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A young couple buys a yacht and scoffs at the rumors that it is haunted. After a few incidents that ends their scoff they summon a professional ghost-tracker from the Institute for Investigation of Psychic Phenomena. He brings along a medium to assist him they learn, from her mumblings while in a trance, that the last owner of the ship---in its pre-haunted days---killed his unfaithful wife and her lover before they could do as much for him, and that their bodies are still concealed below the floor boards. —Les Adams

Director :
Vernon Sewell
Writer :

Vernon Sewell, Philip Thornton, Pierre Mille

Actors :
Dermot Walsh| Hazel Court| Hugh Burden|
Keywords :